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At Adventure Bike TV we have always said any bike is an adventure bike and pretty much any ride can be an adventure. We also know that there are many of our viewers, their friends or just anyone that happens to see this who are new to, or who want to do more adventure riding. Or maybe you’d just like to meet one of the Adventure Bike TV team for a weekend away? Or maybe you fancy being in a short film on our YouTube channel?


Hence the RoadTrip!

“Bloody fantastic, what a weekend!”



New dates for 2022!

 And what's the ingredients for our RoadTrip? Join Graham for:


  • Glorious roads and amazing views – we like rolling hills, mountains and lakes in particular

  • Camping - wild if possible but a campsite will do

  • Good company

  • Lots of tea and cake

  • Stepping just a little outside of your comfort zon

  • Starring in your own Adventure Bike TV YouTube film


Graham from the show has planned a route around mid-Wales, taking in some of the best riding it has to offer. The ride will be mostly on tarmac, but there'll be a bit of wide gravel type trail for anyone that wants to have a go. We'll be filming the trip so you'll even get to star in your own video!

Price: £185 (deposit £100)

What’s included:

  • Get to know your group before the RoadTrip through a WhatsApp group that we’ll set up

  • Full itinerary and roadbook of the route, fuel/food stops and best spots for the all-important photos

  • Google Map route

  • GPX route

  • All accommodation (bunkhouse on Friday and campsite with showers and pub next door on Saturday)

  • ABTV RoadTrip baseball cap and stickers


How the Group Riding Works:

With a group of up to ten bikes and riders, we can’t always keep track of each other. You’ll need to be able to navigate so that if anyone drops away from a group, then you’ll be able to find us at the next stop.

If anyone wants to peel off and ride solo or in a group top the next stop, the please feel free – no one is obliged to follow me


Please note that there are plenty of places where there is no mobile phone signal, so that might affect Google maps (online) and certainly means we can’t always call each other or send message via the WhatsApp group. So please be prepared with either downloaded maps to Google maps (or whatever App you use) or the route on your SatNav.


Please be aware that speed limits and safe riding practices should all be adhered to.


Breakdowns – as a group we will do as any group of motorcyclists would and try to help our fellow rider(s) with a problem, but the group will not stop and wait for riders that have broken down. That is why it’s really important to have adequate breakdown cover – just as you should on any trip/ride.

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