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Power Long Sleeve Top


Price: £69.95

Reviewed by:

Graham Field


Light, Warm, Supportive. UK manufactured, environmentally conscious company.


Smelly by the end of the day. Accentuates your beer belly

The Bottom Line:

After riding with this layer, a t-shirt just feels inadequate. Try it once and you’ll want more.


Quality: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Performance: 5/5

Durability: 4/5

Extras: 3/5

Do you ever feel like you’re just falling apart? You creek when you bend, you ache when you stretch. I used to swear by Tubigrip the tubular bandage that supported the weak and warmed the weary.

I've got an alternative now, the Proskins top. The very first thing I noticed is, it feels like a hug from a physiotherapist. All the right parts of me feel supported. It simply holds me together, on the down side in February it made the Christmas excess more visible. However this is an underlayer so that can be covered up. It may be a primary layer but it’s a completion before you start. It clings with comfort and holds with confidence. I bet I wouldn’t wobble on cobblestones wearing this.

Primarily developed for the athlete, however, in our own way we are physically active. We travel much further and faster than those human powered performers, so why not have some quality clothing to keep our speeding bodies secure in a land of potholes and speed bumps?

When I ventured into a 5°C morning on the bike, it’s underlayer technology comes to my awareness. There’s little need for anything else beneath my jacket, other than for vanity reasons. Unless you spend time in the gym it doesn’t do your look any favours, it accentuates the flaws, but a T-shirt eliminates that. Also with this top and the Exotogg thermal armour I’ve also reviewed, I think you would be set for a winter ride without taking a pannier full of clothing.

When it’s not being worn, it stuffs down to the size of a coke can, and it’s impossible to crease.

I sweat, it smells, I wash it in the basin of my guesthouse, it’s dry by the morning. That’s the kind of low maintenance clothing I want. Low volume, high performing, easy to wash and quick drying.

A far more technical description is available at the Proskins website. They are a company with vision, it’s a site worth seeing.

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